Fundación Iberoamericana de las Industrias Culturales y Creativas (FIBICC) has just published the sixth issue of Monograma. Revista Iberoamericana de Cultura y Pensamiento: «Dosier Monográfico Miguel Hernández: Ese rayo que ni cesa ni se agota». It is a monographic on the figure of this poet.

Each of the articles makes a particular analysis of the poet, of his poetic, artistic and philosophical contributions, adopting a critical and reflective attitude towards his life and work. What we wanted was to make known both his poetry and the personal circumstances of his life, with whom he was related, what human and creative moments he went through. With the launch of this issue, we seek to publish research works that strengthen and generate knowledge, that generate new ideas and concepts and reach the discovery of wealth and complexity of Miguel Hernandez.

The contents of these researches are accessible from the magazine’s web page ( and can be read or downloaded for free. This free access to information ensures that it is feasible for all people to have access to knowledge, not just those who can afford it. Cooperation and the exchange of knowledge are essential factors for innovation, to promote progress, to foster the democratization of information and culture, as well as to facilitate the generation of ideas. Access to information and knowledge is a human right and guarantees people’s freedom.

Spreading creation and information with this freedom on the net also requires protection that guarantees the intellectual protection of the author’s work. Therefore, the contents of Monogram are protected, unless otherwise indicated, by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivative Works 4.0 International license, which specifies that permission to share, copy and redistribute the contents of the journal as long as it is for non-commercial purposes, without derivative works and with the permission of the journal. With this license we express that you can use the work, but without neglecting the protection of the effort and talent of the creator.

These are the works published in this issue:

María Victoria SOTOMAYOR SÁEZ. Miguel Hernández para niños (Miguel Hernández for Children)

Aitor L. LARRABIDE. María Cegarra y Miguel Hernández. Bajo la luna y el cielo de La Unión (María Cegarra and Miguel Hernández. Under the Moon and the Sky of La Unión)

Gemma GORDO PIÑAR. Miguel Hernández y el subcomandante Marcos: poesía, tierra y libertad (Miguel Hernández and Subcommander Marcos: Poetry, Land and Freedom)

Alfonso BERROCAL. Miguel Hernández y la razón poética (Miguel Hernández and the Poetic Reason)


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